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June 12 2016

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Tags: John Maxwell

Failure Does Not Have to Be Failure

You have heard the saying you win some, and you lose some. Not so according to John C. Maxwell. In his book "Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn"  he tells why he believes this way. That when we are losing we are winning. Everyone experiences losing but  not everyone learns from their losses.

Dr. Maxwell in his book he teaches us why we are down and out it is only a lesson. When we learn the lesson, it makes the loss turn into a  win. That when we are forced to take a step back this is a step forward.

The book goes into the eleven elements that make up the DNA of those who turn downtime into up times. The eleven elements are;

1.  Humility
2.  Reality
3.  Responsibility  
4.  Improvement
5.  Hope
6.  Teachability
7.  adversity
8.  Problems
9.  Bad Experiences
10.  Change
11.  Maturity

The book goes into each one of these elements in detail. It gives lessons that can be learned when down. Since it does take discipline to do right when everything is wrong, the book teaches how to draw on that discipline.

The book does more than explaining how to go from just coping with failure to learning from that failure. You do not learn from success
what you can learn from failure. Dr. Maxwell goes into detail on every element of turning failure into success. He gives examples so that you can see how you can change your life. 
The book gives you the information on how to change your life for the better.  One of the major points of the book is that you cannot put winning ahead of learning. Everyone experiences failure. It is all in how you handle it. You can treat it as a learning lesson and make your life better, or you can just cope letting the failure keep you down.

The book shows that you can change your life by learning. Learning how to turn what is holding you back into a winning situation. Once you change your way of thinking your life is transformed.  No longer will you dread failure because when you use it to learn from it is no longer the failure.
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